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Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, considered to be the primary male sex hormone from the androgen group and is derived from cholesterol. This gormone is produced by men in the testes and is responsible for normal growth and development of the sex organs in puberty - penis, testicles and prostate development. Testosterone is also responsible for the manifestation and development of secondary male sex characteristics such as growth and development of muscle mass, absence of excess fatty tissue, reinforced hair on the face and body, deep voice, increased immunity, etc. The amount of testosterone in the body is regulated by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the center of the human brain.

Increase testosterone levelsTestosterone level defines external signs by which man differs from women at a glance: narrow hips, broad shoulders, sexual orientation, the possibility of offspring, active metabolism and that's not all. Maintain this most important male sex hormone at the proper level is necessary throughout the life of men, otherwise will dominate the female hormone estrogen, which have an immediate impact on sexual dysfunction and many other problems.

If testosterone levels are reduced at least by 10-15% in the nature of man begins to show sensitivity, gentleness, even femineity. On the other hand the high level of testosterone contributes to the appearance of excessive aggression, so people tend to decrease feelings of self-preservation.

After the man is 40 years, with each year level of the primary male sex hormone begins to decline - about 1% per year. It would seem not so much, but by the age of 60 male body does not get about 20% of this important hormone. During this period, the male changes occur, similar to the female menopause: mood swings, decreased performance, libido problems, increased fragility of bones, etc.

But health problems arising from the decline in testosterone levels, threaten, alas, not only men of pre-retirement and retirement age. Increasingly, the male sex hormone deficiency occurs in young men.

Symptoms of low testosterone

The main symptoms indicating that the organism lacking testosterone are as follows:

What causes low testosterone

Low testosterone in men and how to improve the level of the main hormone - today these issues are relevant for all ages of the male population. But one thing is when these signs are observed in men 50-55 years. But if these symptoms is complains a young man who is younger than 40 years, it means that the reduction of the primary male sex hormone contributed to external factors. Consider the most common ones:

1) Alcohol abuse, smoking

The presence of ethyl alcohol in the blood is extremely negative effect on testosterone levels because it directly interferes with the synthesis. Negatively affect the content of the male sex hormone, and smoking.

2) Food

An unhealthy diet, not containing essential vitamins and minerals for men, may adversely affect the production of testosterone. Especially harmful products such as coffee, meat, fast food, cakes, fatty dairy products, soy products. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar and salt also brings great harm.

3) Injury genitals

Even the most seemingly insignificant injuries - bumps, cuts and hypothermia can lead to lower levels of the male sex hormone.

4) Ecology

It is known that the functioning of sex hormones depends on the adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, poor environmental conditions may well help to reduce testosterone levels.

5) Overweight

In a fatty layer of a body are synthesized the female germ cells. And than more the fatty layer in a body the man, the lower the level of testosterone.

6) Some medications

In particular, the decrease in testosterone levels contribute to medicines that prescribed for peptic ulcer.

7) Lack of physical activity

Sedentary job and lack of exercise - all this is slowly but surely leads to lower testosterone levels.

How to increase testosterone levels?

First of all, necessary to exclude the impact of any negative factors. Here are some natural ways to effectively increase your testosterone levels:

If you are a bodybuilder or want to increase testosterone levels to safely and quickly build muscle then you need up special supplements.

HGH Testosterone Plus

Dietary Supplement HGH Testosterone PlusHGH Testosterone Plus - just such a dietary supplement, in fact, demonstrated high efficiency. This complex consists of natural ingredients that promote active stimulation of testosterone in the body to help restore muscle and build muscle. This medication is also used to restore sexual function after inflammatory and infectious diseases, in order to neutralize the negative impact of negative externalities.

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HGH Testosterone Plus includes "Long Jack" and Bioperine which help achieve and maintain the following positive results:

Regular intake HGH Testosterone Plus enhances immunity, improves the performance of the cardiovascular system and can improve men's sexual health. This product is to increase testosterone levels and has a stimulating and tonic effect. Before using this product consult with your doctor to avoid adverse effects.

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