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Top Penis Enhancement Patches

Recommended Male Enhancement Patch Systems

No pills, No extenders or pumps, No exercises!

Safe and 100% Natural, Approved by Doctors, No documented Side Effects!

If you're looking for products that enlarge you penis and enhance your sexual performance, there are many products on the market to choose from. Today more and more males are opting for the patch system over pills and exercise programs. Patches are easy to use, but care must be taken in choosing the right one, because all of them don't work. It is very important that you don't choose a patch that contains and ingredient called yohimbe.

Yohimbe has been banned from the market because of the effect it has on the human body. You probably won't find any of this product, but you need to know what you're getting when you decide to use the patch system.

A transdermal technology (which means it transfers through the skin) patch transfers herbal supplements directly into the body without having to swallow anything. Because it's easy to use, transdermal patches provide an excellent choice, especially if you suffer from nervous stomach or have problems swallowing a pill. In the past, many males had no alternative to pills, so this represents a major advance in male enhancement products. But since there are so many patch systems out there now, it's vital that you get the one that's going to provide you with the best results.

We have listed below our top choices for male enhancement patches that are designed to help you achieve harder and bigger erections in the shortest period of time.


#1 - ProEnhance Penis Patches


World's leading Penis Patch Enhancement System

ProEnhance Male Enhancement PatchProEnhance is definitely the best product when it comes to patches. And that's because of what this system has to offer. Besides just being a patch, ProEnhance includes exercises designed to help with the long-term growth of the penis.

This translates into a fuller and longer penis for longer-lasting erections and enhanced sexual performance. The ProEnhance patch requires you to perform all the exercises included in the program, because that is what makes the program so effective.

ProEnhance is formulated with powerful natural herbs, including Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Damiana and Menthol. It is created with a powerful energy-boosting system for the strongest results possible, and is among the most effective patches on the market. And it comes with an effective exercise program that gives you a very potent dual-action system.

One of the very effective benefits of ProEnhance is its incredible durability. The system allows you to wear it for up to three days before you need to change it. One added advantage is that you will still get excellent results if you have to take a shower or play sports, without reducing the effectiveness of the water-resistant patch. If you're ok with performing the exercises, you'll get a double effect from the ProEnhance system.

180 day money-back guarantee

You can buy this natural product from official site by mail, by fax or by phone
1 month supply gives you 1 package of ProEnhance, 10 patches. Price: $68.95 + Free Members Area Access
Elite Package 1 Year supply $358.95 Save $468 (That's only $30 per month) + 5 Bonus Gifts

Order ProEnhance Now


#2 - VP RX Male Enhancement Patch

(Very Good)

Virility Patch is a totally effective male enhancement patch system. This is the powerful natural herbal patch developed for male enhancement purposes. No other patch is available that includes a complete formula that is totally natural and unique. The Ingredients included: Ginseng, Damiana, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Menthol. It is considered to be one of the most effective male enhancement patch system on the market.

One of the Virility Patch RX patches will last for up to three days before needing to be replaced, and the patch starts working in less than 30 minutes after applying it! This program is designed to greatly prolong sexual performance and solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Virility Patch RX delivers firm, hard erections like you've never experienced! And that's because it increases the flow of blood to the penis. This results in greater libido and longer and more powerful orgasms. And all that adds up to more confidence and superior performance in bed.

67 day money-back guarantee

Purchase product online by mail, by fax or by phone
1 month supply gives you 1 package of Virility Patch RX, 10 patches. Price: $59.95
12 month supply $559.95 Save $159.45! Free shipping (USA only)

Order Virility Patch RX Now


#3 MaxiDerm Patches

(Better Than Average)

MaxiDerm Penis Enhancement PatchSome of the exercises that come with other patch systems can be very unappealing to many men. MaxiDerm gives you a high quality dose of medicinal herbal ingredients that can produce longer lasting and fuller erections during sexual activity.

MaxiDerm will not produce the benefits of an exercise system, but you can add an exercise program if you wish. MaxiDerm produces very effective results that you'll immediately notice. The steady, controlled release of the patch ingredients assures that you'll always be ready for sex at a moment's notice. You won't have to spend your time "getting aroused" because you are always in a state of heightened libido and penis sensitivity.

67 day money-back guarantee

Order MaxiDerm Today Price: $59.95

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