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Larger Penis - Does Size Matter To Women?

Even though a marriage is not just about sex, it is an important part of any marriage. Likewise, sex isn't only about the size of the penis, even though size does contribute greatly to the pleasure both partners get from the sexual act.

Numerous studies show that a man who has a small penis usually also has low self esteem. He feels he won't be able to satisfy his partner in bed. This feeling of low self esteem can also lead to other sexual dysfunctions, including premature ejaculation and in many cases, erectile dysfunction.

Get A Larger PenisWomen between 20 and 25 years old have indicated that penis sizes does matter to them. Most of them said that it was the thickness of the penis as opposed to its length that really mattered. But others say both mattered but in different degrees. One survey in the Netherlands showed that 20% of women believed that the length of the penis was more important, and 21% said it was the girth of the penis. But 32% voted otherwise.

So it's true that size does matter, and in some cases much more than in the obvious way.

While some men are satisfied with the size of their penis, most say they would really be happier with a few more inches. A larger penis tends to boost the morale of the man. With a greater level of confidence in the bedroom, a natural rise in libido happens, and that helps to better the relationship between the couple.

It's an undeniable fact that couples who are not satisfied in bed often have a tendency to take out their frustration on each other. And this can lead to a breach in their relationship. That's the main reason why men are often seeking methods to enhance or enlarge their penis so they can enjoy a better sex life.

So, once again the answer is yes, a larger penis does help provide better sex between couples.

But a larger penis that cannot sustain its firmness is not of much use, even though, in most cases, a large penis does indicate a longer erection: and that, in turn, symbolizes a better sexual experience. While some men may be content with a small penis, most men (and women) would rather work with a larger one.

While there are numerous techniques that will help increase the size of the penis, it's very important to make a wise choice here. The wrong technique could cause irreversible damage to your penis. So don't make a quick decision. Instead, you should consider all the pros and cons of the technique before you adopt it.

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